• Halloween Shoot

    I booked a photo shoot with Erin's Faces and AC Lenses to kick off Halloween. I got the images back and they're very cool, if a bit creepy (in a good way). Erin Williams created my look, which was based on a butterfly fairy, and we used colored contacts in Zombie Blue to complete the look. Images by Billy Bustamante on my "Print Work" photo page!

  • Swann One Commercial

    I just posted the commercial I shot back in June for Swann One home security systems. It's up in the Video section.

    We had a beautiful day to shoot, upstate in Catskill, NY. I think it came out great!

  • The Rewrite is in theaters and iTunes now!

    I'm so excited, because the movie I shot a while back with Hugh Grant, is now in theatres! I went to see it and it was a packed house with lots of nice laughter throughout. I really couldn't be more proud!

    I play Jenny Glick, a film producer with Jason Antoon's character Greg Nathan, and we have two scenes with Hugh.

    Check it out in a theater, on iTunes, or on Video On Demand now!

  • The Rewrite

    The movie I shot last year has been re-named, and is now titled The Rewrite. Starring Hugh Grant, it has been released in the UK and Europe and is soon to be released in the US. Can't wait to see it!

  • Upcoming concert

    I am very excited to be singing a few songs at Andrew Byrne's upcoming concert at the Laurie Beechman. It is an evening of entirely new music, and if you don't know his work yet, well, it's always hilarious bordering on inappropriate. In a good way. Come on out!

    The Songs of Andrew Byrne

    Friday, August 23rd at 7PM 


    The Laurie Beechman Theatre


    $15 cover charge/$15 food and drink minimum


    For tickets, please visit:


    or call:


    Andrew Byrne is back at the Beechman with a set of brand-new songs that are sure to satisfy the theater geek within. Directed by Amy Rogers, the concert will include songs from his upcoming original show, Holding Room, as well as new cabaret pieces that explore the world of musicals and beyond. Come hear a line-up of Broadway's greatest belt it out in this world-premiere event.
    Performers include:


    Stanley Bahorek, Whit BaldwinBen Eakeley, Alli Foss, Shanna Lesniak, Caissie Levy, John-Michael Lyles, Ariela Morgenstern, Crystal Mosser, Jenny Neale, Ruth Pferdehirt, Allen E. Read, Conor Ryan and Kaye Tuckerman


  • First feature film!

    I am so excited, because I booked a role in a feature film! It is as yet untitled, and is being called for the moment the Untitled Marc Lawrence Project. I play Jenny Glick, a junior Hollywood studio executive, and I have two short scenes opposite Hugh Grant. I had my first day of shooting yesterday and it was a blast!!

    The other great thing is that my fiance booked a part in the same film, also his first. We could not be more excited!

    I met the casting director, Ilene Starger, in a class a few months back, and she brought me in for this project. First film audition ever, actually. So I guess that's one for one!

  • RSVP Recording Session

    I just finished recording a wonderful short radio-play (musical, really) by the wonderful Joel B. New

    which will be up on his podcast, Something New. We did it mostly live- just two full takes of the piece, give or take a few re-dos to accomodate NYC traffic outside the studio. I'm excited to hear it when it's all set to go!